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What is Female Founded?

We are a team of business advocates dedicated to championing female-founded businesses. We offer our clients a seal and certification as an emblem of their accomplishment and recognition of their contribution to change.

Why become certified?

Significant progress has been made in recent decades toward giving women equal rights and opportunities, yet much work remains to be done.

Despite their now notable presence in the marketplace, female founded businesses still lag behind other types of businesses in areas such as revenue and capital. We must continue to fight for gender parity in the business world by advocating for equality.

Female Founded is helping to bridge that gap and fuel success by providing certification that will increase the  visibility  and  credibility  of female entrepreneurs, thus influencing consumer buying behaviours.


Our seal symbolises the importance of encouraging and supporting female leadership, while celebrating the contributions of women to our economy.

It gives those who are equally passionate about striving for equality in business a reason to choose your brand.

Join our community of empowered females who are using our seal to promote growth in their businesses and popularise a more just and equitable world overall.

A percentage of our profits are proudly donated to
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Show the world you're proud to be part of an empowering community of female-founded businesses
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